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As per the Italian copyright law “Legge sul diritto d’autore (LDA)”, a literary translation is considered a creative work of art, just like the original book. The copyright belongs to the translator, who is free to hand over the economic rights to someone else to publish and market it.

It is common practice in Italy for a literary translator to let a publisher/author use his/her translation for a period of 7-10 years, after which the contract will have to be renewed.

As indie authors ourselves, we know how stretched budgets can be and we want to help you reach even more readers and be successful in other markets without spending a fortune. Therefore, we have decided to hand over full rights to the Italian translation of your book so you don’t have to renew the contract and keep shelling out money every few years.

You will own the full rights forever, in print, digital, or audio form. All of the royalties earned from the translation will be yours.

The rates include the translation and one thorough round of revisions, to make sure the writing flows smoothly. Depending on the length of the book, turnaround time is approximately 90 to 120 days. If you prefer to have someone else give it a second readthrough, we can help you get in touch with freelance proofreaders or we can hire them on your behalf and include their fee in our invoice.

The English version of your book with buy links will be spotlighted in the “Portfolio” section and on our Pinterest board. We will also feature you on our blog, with an author interview. On release day, the Italian version of your book will be spotlighted on our Italian book blog “La libreria fiorita” (The Blooming Bookshelf), and it will also be included on our Pinterest board “Nuove uscite” (New releases), on Instagram, and on Facebook.

At the time of writing, we accept romance (any subgenre, preferably on the sweeter side), women’s fiction, romantic comedies, and chick lit. If your book includes graphic sex scenes, we would prefer to receive a sample first, before deciding whether we can work on it. Please note we do not accept erotica, BDSM, or books with graphic violence (abuse, etc.).

Translation rates:

$0.025/word (1 round of revisions)

$0.030/word (2 rounds of revisions – add 2 weeks to the standard deadline)

A 50% deposit is required before we start working on your book. The balance payment will have to be paid upon completion, before we send you the file. We accept payments by bank transfer (to our Transferwise account), PayPal or credit card.


Proofreading of Italian translations

We offer an extra set of eyes to help polish your translation.

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Did you have your book translated but you’d like an extra set of eyes to give it one final read before it’s ready to publish? We can help with that!

Depending on the length of the book, the turnaround for proofreading is 3–5 weeks. We accept any genre.

Please check with your translator first, to see if we can edit his/her translation (most translations contract will not allow amendments or revisions without the translator’s consent).

Please note: we will not proofread AI translations. We will only work on books translated by a human.

Proofreading rate: $0.006/word 

A 50% deposit is required before we start working on your book. The balance payment will have to be paid upon completion, before we send you the file. We accept payments by bank transfer (to our Transferwise account), PayPal or credit card. 

Book formatting

We accept any genre, fiction or non-fiction.

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We offer basic and affordable formatting for your fiction book. We use Vellum to format your files. Choose from the different formatting options available and we’ll send you the ready-to-upload Mobi and epub files, as well as a PDF for print, if you need it. We can also format the book for large print.

Please note: we do not format non-fiction, picture or children’s books, but our trusted designer does and would be happy to help you with that. Contact us for more information.


  • $10 for e-book only
  • $20 for print
  • $25 for both e-book and print (to be done at the same time)

We accept payments by bank transfer (to our Transferwise account), PayPal or credit card.


Short translations

Ideal for ads, newsletter and short texts.

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Do you need us to translate only a blurb, the author bio, acknowledgments, etc.? Or maybe you just want to write a short text, reply to an email or write a newsletter in Italian? We’d be happy to help.

  • Blurb only: $10.00 **
  • Author bio only: $10.00 **
  • Extras package (includes blurb, author bio, acknowledgments, and any additional text included in the book): $30.00 **
  • Author interview (questions supplied by bloggers): $20.00
  • Newsletter copy (or replying to emails from readers or bloggers): $10.00 per email – package of 10 emails: $80.00
  • Copy for Facebook ads or social media posts: $5.00 – package of 10 ads/posts: $40.00
  • Copy for your website (whether it’s a section in your English website or a whole new website): $15.00 per website page

** Please note: these three services are invoiced separately only if you already had the book translated elsewhere and want just these short texts to be translated by us. Otherwise, we will include them in the total cost of the translation. 

We accept payments by bank transfer (to our Transferwise account), PayPal or credit card. 

Book cover design

Let us help you make your book pretty. We can also provide teasers and swag.

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We work with selected designers who can create a cover for the Italian version of your book, with a special discount they have reserved only for our clients.

They can also create teasers and graphics for you to use in ads and marketing. Blooming Author Translations will help you find the Italian wording for these – you just let us know the English version, and we’ll show you where to find the text in your translated manuscript (for free).

Contact us for more information.

Marketing & reviews

Let us help you spread the word about your book with readers.

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According to the service you book, we will contact our list of Italian book bloggers and ask them if they’re interested in promoting and/or reviewing the book. We will then send them a media kit that includes the cover, the blurb and the buy links (and any extra material you want us to add). If they’re reviewing, we’ll send them the Mobi and the ePub file you will provide.

We obviously cannot guarantee that all bloggers will review or that the reviews will be positive.

We can also get the bloggers to provide the link to the post on their blog and/or the review, with a surcharge.

Find the up-to-date list of bloggers HERE

Graphics are not included (with the exception of the banner for the blog tours). You are welcome to provide your own (banners or teasers), which we will then forward to the bloggers. Alternatively, we can ask our selected designers to get in touch with you to create custom graphics/teasers.

Please note: if we have translated your book, we will promote it on our Italian blog for free and you will get a special rate for the promotion.


  • Cover reveal: $30
  • Release event (with/without reviews): $50 ($40 for books translated by us)
  • Sale event (social media post to promote a sale or release event): $40 ($30 for books translated by us)
  • Review party (for books that are already published but need a few reviews): $50 ($40 for books translated by us)
  • Following up with bloggers to check posts/reviews have gone live (upon request): $30 ($20 for books translated by us)
  • Author interview (on our blog or on other blogs – this includes translating the questions and the answers): $20 per blog ($15 if we have translated your book)
  • Book tour: $80 ($70 for books translated by us). 3 or 5 days, for a minimum of 2 blogs per day. If we don’t have enough sign-ups we will contact you to consider turning it into a one-day event and invoice you accordingly. We will create a simple banner with a 3D cover and the name of the tour.

If you would like us to create and manage a Rafflecopter giveaway, you can add the option to any of the events for $5. 

Get 10% off the total invoice if you book 2 or more events at the same time.

We accept payments by bank transfer (to our Transferwise account), PayPal or credit card. 

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